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Gouttières sainte-julie



Project type

Branding/video services

At LMC Production, we strive to push the boundaries of digital marketing through audiovisual production, and our collaboration with Gouttières Sainte-Julie is a perfect example. Recognized for its expertise in the field of gutters, this traditional company sought to boost its image and expand its market by harnessing the power of social media.

Our mission was clear: to demonstrate that even a topic as specific as gutters can capture attention when presented in a creative way. So we dove into analysis and conceptualization to transform their communications into a compelling story.

The result ? A first promotional video which not only captivated the audience but also converted. With attractive and well-targeted content, this video generated an impressive new customer signing rate, exceeding 60%. This success demonstrates the strength of our strategic approach and our ability to transform our clients' visions into concrete results.

At LMC, we are proud to collaborate with our clients to navigate new horizons together. Gouttières Sainte-Julie is now equipped to continue to impress and engage its customers in this new digital era.

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