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Talent Uniq & Marie-mai



Project type

BTS-Reels-social media

As part of an exclusive show orchestrated by Talent Uniq agency, we had the honor of collaborating with the famous Quebec artists Marie-Mai and drag queen winner of Canada Drag Race season 3 : Gisèle Lullaby.

Our mission: to capture every memorable moment of this magical evening through a video production including a “Behind the Scenes” (BTS) and a dynamic recap of the show.

The event featured Marie-Mai and Gisèle Lullaby as headliners, while providing a stage for other talented artists who were able to captivate the audience.

This unique collaboration aimed not only to celebrate the richness of Quebec art, but also to strengthen the brand image of Talent Uniq. The main goal being to captivate their target audience and increase ticket purchases for future events.

Thanks to careful staging and an electric atmosphere, we managed to produce video content that reflects the passion and energy of the event.

This project not only highlighted the exceptional performances of the artists, but also demonstrated Talent Uniq's commitment to offering unforgettable experiences, thus promoting significant growth of their presence in the Quebec cultural landscape.

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